Mission of BFF:


To provide nourishing food for weekend meals to any school students in the Cornwall Central School District who receive Federal Free Lunch or Federal Reduced Lunch at their school during the school year.


We provide students with individual-sized food items to take home on Fridays in a backpack. The backpacks are returned on Mondays.


Funding for this program is through fundraising events, donations of food and money, sponsorships, and grants. This is a community project that is staffed totally by volunteers and confidentially managed.


Top 10: Food List for BFF


  1. Cereal (individual-serving boxes)

  2. Chef Boyardee (food cups - any variety)

  3. Raisins (individual boxes)

  4. Cracker Packs (cheese or peanut butter)

  5. Pudding Cups (chocolate or vanilla)

  6. Fruit Cups (low-sugar varieties)

  7. Mac and Cheese (individual bowls)

  8. Granola Bars (any variety)

  9. Applesauce (individual cups)

  10. Juice Boxes (100% fruit juice)

Each backpack contains:

  • 2 milks

  • 2 juices

  • 2 cereals 

  • 2 microwaveable meals 

  • 2 prepared fruits

  • 2 snacks

  • 1 fresh apple